Fawad Khan Loves His Son

Fawad Khan is one of the prettiest and most handsome actors and models of Pakistan. This man has gained too much popularity in Bollywood. After winning the Filmfare award for best debut male for his film Khoobsurat, Fawad Khan seems to be very happy. He is, nowadays, too much busy in further movie projects.

Fawad Khan liked in India

It is good to know that not only in Pakistan but also in India, Fawad Khan is highly liked as an actor. He is by nature a polite and cooperative person. He loves his family a lot especially the son Ayyan Khan. Previously, Fawad Khan celebrated his son’s birthday along with his wife, relatives and a few friends.

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Fawad Khan Loves His Son

New Khan of Bollywood

If we call Fawad Khan to be the new Khan of Bollywood, then that would not be wrong at all. He truly deserves a good place in this industry. After making himself recognized in Lollywood, Fawad is now getting famous in India as well.

The New Khan of both Bollywood and Lollywood always makes enough time for his family, regardless of the fact that he remains too much busy. Why not, he is the Pakistan’s charming man who is widely liked in Indian film industry. The expectations of the fans of Fawad Khan are always high.


Fawad Khan – A Good Father and Husband

As a father and husband, Fawad Khan is really very good. He seems to have always fulfilled his duties towards his family regardless of how much busy he remains. Fawad always manages enough time for his wife and loves to go for long drive with the little Fawad, means his son.

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Fawad Khan Loves His Son

So, we can say that he is not just a superb actor, but a great father and a responsible husband. His wife is also very happy that the man of Pakistan is getting too much fame. She has said in an interview that she is proud to have Fawad in her life.

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