11 Pakistani Celebrities With Fake Names

Several Pakistani celebrities changed their names after joining the showbiz industry and became popular in the world by their fake names.

Let’s take a look at Pakistani celebrities with fake names.

His real name is Mansoor Aslam Khan Niazi, but all of us know him by his fake name Sami Khan.

Sami Khan real name

Zahida Malik is her actual name, but she is widely known by her false name Veena Malik.

Veena Malik real name

Every Pakistani knows her by the name of Reema, but most of us are unaware of the fact that Reema is just her fake identity. Her real name is Sameena Khan.

Reema Khan real name


Rahim Shah also used a fake name to achieve fame. His real name is Muhammad Khan.

Rahim Shah Real Name

The best rated Lollywood actor Shaan Shahid’s real name is Armaghan Shahid.

Shaan Shahid

Everyone calls her by the name of Ayeza Khan. But Ayeza is her fake name. Her right name is Kinza Khan.

Ayeza Khan Real Name


Her real name is Sabahat Qamar Zaman, but she changed her name to Saba Qamar after joining the showbiz industry.

Saba Qamar Real Name

We have been calling her by the name of ‘Noor’ since many years, but you would be surprised to hear that her real name is Sonia Mughal.

Actress Noor Real Name

We know him by the name of Nabeel Bulbulay Wala, but his real name is Nadeem Zafar.

Nabeel Bulbulay Real Name

The senior and respectable actor of the Lollywood industry, Nadeem Baig’s real name is Mirza Nazeer Baig Mughal.

Nadeem Baig Real Name

This scandal queen used fake name ‘Meera’ because it is easy to speak and remember. Her real name is Irtiza Rubab.

Meera Real Name

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