Zohra Alam Eid Collection 2013 for Women

Zohra Alam eid collection 2013 for women was released today. It has digital prints like Zohra Alam digital prints 2012. The eid collection features dark colors. The patterns of the digital prints are all quite creative and nice. There are digitally printed shirts and pants. Some of these designs are eastern while others are western. They are quite different from the eid dresses of other designers. Overall, Zohra Alam eid collection 2013 for women is a nice collection with attractive and different clothes for ladies. They are great for younger ladies due to their bright colors and designs.

Zohra Alam started off with designing in 2012. The designer offers digital prints mostly. She believes that fashion is a form of self-expression. She thus, offers quite unique clothes through which, women can express their style. The stylish dresses of Zohra Alam feature modern cuts and different patterns and colors. The designer has been able to become popular in a year due to her really stylish clothes. Unstitched and stitched clothes both are there in the collections of Zohra Alam.  Orders for the dresses of Zohra Alam can be placed via email. Appointments can be taken through phone.

Zohra Alam eid collection 2013 for women can be seen below. The photos are here. Zohra Alam eid collection 2013 will be on sale at an exhibition soon. The details of the exhibition of the designer are given on the Facebook page of Zohra Alam. The address of Zohra Alam’s Facebook page is written below. For the phone number and email address for the orders, visit the Facebook page. Other information about Zohra Alam, as a designer and some pictures of her previous dresses are there. Thus, if you want more information on Zohra Alam, go to this Facebook page of the designer.

Zohra Alam Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/zohralam

Zohra Alam Eid Collection 2013 for Women

Zohra Alam Eid Collection 2013 for Women

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