Zari Faisal Summer Dresses 2014 for Women

Zari Faisal summer dresses 2014 for women have also been released after the success of Zari Faisal bridal wear 2014. There are only a few designs but all of them are suitable for this summer season and are quite trendy.

Zari Faisal Summer Dresses 2014

The summer dresses of the brand are pastel hued mostly, which makes them appropriate for the hot summer season. Also, these clothes feature short and medium-length shirts with tights or trousers. Therefore if you are interested in getting some good readymade clothes to beat the heat, check out Zari Faisal summer dresses 2014 for women.

Zari Faisal has been a part of the fashion industry in Pakistan since the last few years. The designer offers different kinds of women’s wear. Her label is known for its haute couture, prêt and smart casual. She has released many nice collections consisting of unique designs. The brand offers bridal wear clothes also and their bridal wear clothes have been featured in magazines also. The design philosophy is based on different kinds of cuts and the personal style of women. It aims to incorporate some fun and style into the wardrobe of women. Moreover, these elegant clothes are easily available. The designer has her own physical studio and can be contacted via email. Apart from that, its clothes are provided through a few multi-brand stores.

You can find the pictures of Zari Faisal summer dresses 2014 for women below. These dresses are now available via the designer’s studio as well as by ordering through email. You can get a list of the places from where you are likely to find the clothes through the Facebook page. The address of the Facebook page of Zari Faisal has been provided. So, check out the summer dresses there also. But before that, see some of Zari Faisal summer dresses 2014 for women here also.

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Zari Faisal Summer Dresses 2014 for Women

Zari Faisal Summer Dresses for Women 2014

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