Zahra Saeed Summer Dresses 2014 for Women

Zahra Saeed summer dresses 2014 for women have been shown here. They were released some time back. These summer dresses belong to the label Ivy by Zahra Saeed. This is a new label by the designer and is quite popular now.

Zahra Saeed Summer Dresses 2014

The summer dresses that Zahra Saeed is offering include ready to wear casuals. The clothes have short shirts and pants, which are in style this season. The color combinations are great according to the summer season. For instance, you can find superb clothes with light colors such as blue and light yellow in the collection. So, go for Zahra Saeed summer dresses 2014 for some appropriate attire for this hot summer season.

Zahra Saeed started her career as a fashion designer in 2008 in USA. She gave up her full time job to pursue a career in fashion design. She has created lots of good designs for women including clothes for evening included in Zahra Saeed summer wear collection 2012. She has expanded a lot in a short span of time and has now become famous in the country. The clothes of Zahra Saeed are sold through retail outlets in Pakistan and abroad.

Zahra Saeed summer dresses 2014 for women can be seen over here. The pictures of these beautiful clothes are below. If you want any of Zahra Saeed’s summer dresses, you should go to the store of Zahra Saeed. The address is mentioned on her label’s Facebook page. The brand was launched recently. Its clothes will be available through different retail outlets very soon. For more information, just go to the Facebook page. The address is provided for you below. You can see more stylish dresses there. For now, see some of Zahra Saeed summer dresses 2014 for women over here.

IVY by Zahra Saeed Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/IVY-by-Zahra-Saeed/303968153086854

Zahra Saeed Summer Dresses 2014 for Women


Zahra Saeed Summer Dresses for Women 2014

Source: IVY by Zahra Saeed


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