Yusra Masood Eid Collection 2013 For Women

Yusra Masood has been always known amongst the most famous and well known fashion designers in Pakistan. This designer has been inside the fashion market since long time scale and so far she has gained tremendous success and fame amongst the fashion lovers in just least time period. Yusra Masood has been just grabbing the attention of the fashion lovers because of her unique form of designing the clothes that are much shaded with the urban modes. The ways she mixes diverse flavors in one clothing have always taken away the heart beats of the women.

Newly, Yusra Masood has launched her classy looking and much stylish designed Eid collection 2013 for women. This Eid collection 2013 has been simply eye catching because of the taste of eastern and western styling cuts and hues in them. Through this Eid collection the designer has just forced the women to forget thinking about the concepts of the embroidery, beads and the presence of the stone designing. In this article we will be highlighting some of the pictures of Yusra Masood Eid collection 2013 for women. Furthermore, inside all the Eid dresses the designer has employed the beautification with the print and block designing that is offering the artistic implication to all the collection dresses. Her Eid collection 2013 includes long shirts with tights, trousers or even with churidar pajamas.

The colors are painted in the bright and dark looking color combinations that are mixed with the soft shades as well just like red, white, black, brown, purple and so on. All the collection outfits can go out as ideal choice for the women of all the ages. The women can make this collection as their best choice for the get together functions and even for the party happenings. Hence this Eid collection by Yusra Masood has been charmingly gorgeous and well designed creatively for the women.

Yusra Masood Eid Collection 2013 For Women

Yusra Masood Eid Collection 2013 For Women 004

Few Pictures Of Yusra Masood Collection 2013

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