What Mahira khan says about Shahrukh Khan?

Mahira khan was in Mumbai for 30 days for shooting of a bollywood movie Raees with superstar Sharukh khan. Working with Sharukh Khan is a dream of every other Pakistani actress. When Mahira went Mumbai, Sharukh Khan was impressed by Mahira’s acting and he praised her with his kind words shared on twitter. Here you can see in the picture, how Sharukh khan praised Mahira.See what SRk says about Mahira Khan


But the question is what Mahira Khan says about Shahrukh khan? Is she also praising her?

What Mahira Khan says about Shahrukh Khan after working with him?

Lets’s see what Mahira khan says about Shahrukh Khan after working with him for her upcoming movie Raees:-


See Mahira Khan says about Sharukh khan

What Mahira khan says about Shahrukh Khan?


Mahira Khan says about Shahrukh Khan: SRK helped me grow as an actor.

“I went B-town like a sponge. I was just taking it all in. I didn’t want to step in on anybody’s toes’ says Mahira Khan”

Like other Pakistani actresses, it was Mahira dreamt to work with Shahrukh khan. Her entry into Bollywood made her dream come true. She was very excited for the movie.

In Mumbai Mahira Khan in an interview with NDTV said working with Sharukh Khan helped her grow as an actress. Mahira Khan also said, “I got to learn so much from Mr Shah Rukh Khan, like actually got to learn from him. I realized this when I came back. I came back and I shot for a song in Ho Mann Jahaan and my director was like, ‘What has happened to you’. He actually said that ‘you’ve shed a layer. You’ve grown as an actor.’ And I think it’s because I moved out of my comfort zone. At that time you don’t realize it because it’s happening so fast. But when you come back you realize, “Oh, I’ve learnt something”.See Excietment of Mahira Khan

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