Wedding Entrance Ideas

Wedding is all about happiness and style. It is the most important event of everyone’s life. Everyone do planning about his marriage, the way he or she will do decoration. Sibling plans about the entry of the Dulha Dulhan and everyone want to do something unique and which grasp the audience attention. Many family plans dance before the entrance of the couple. It is like a get together event for the relatives who live far away. It is the ceremony which unites them all. Everyone wants to enjoy the event fully, for that they do lots of planning to double the joy. Well, every country has its own norms and value and they follow that. Like in Pakistan, at the function of Henna,the Dulhan Dulhan come under the shade of Duppata which is hold by sisters and brothers. Modern families plan things differently. It is one of the way to show your love towards the family.

Here are the some charming Wedding Entrance Ideas that will make you enjoy the event more and it would be like a unique gift to the your family.

Wedding Entrance Ideas


Wedding entrance ideas - 3

Funny but Charming idea for the Entrance of Couple 🙂

Wedding entrance ideas - byecycle

If you want to feel like princess then this is the perfect idea for your wedding entrance. This idea will take you to the other world.

Wedding entrance ideas - disney Wedding entrance ideas - flower

Wedding Entrance Ideas

Wedding entrance ideas - sikh

Sisters love have no limits. This is also a decent idea.

Wedding entrance ideas - sisters Wedding entrance ideas - traditional

This is the typical style of entrance.

Wedding entrance ideas 2

Kids are the soul of every function. They show love, unity and would be source of pleasure for everyone. This is the cute and lovely ideas to gain the guest attention.

Wedding entrance ideas


Wedding Entrance Ideas

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