Water: The Beauty Elixir

Water is one of the most important part of our living. It is not only good for our internal health but also for are external health. Waters plays has a direct relationship with our skin, during summer season lack of water can really damage our skin and proper intake of it can make our skin glowing and clear. In this health and beauty article we will be discussing the benefits of water, and how it helps us in improving our skin.

Water: The Beauty Elixir


During an servery when asked how much water people in general drink ? the answer was pretty shocking and sad. People tend to drink only 2 glasses of water which is pretty low and bad for the health. Though they drink other things in abundance but not water. Following are some facts about water and they might help you in understanding the importance of water more clearly.

  • Water makes up 50 to 70% of your body weight. If you don’t top up regularly, your survival time is reduced to just a few days.
  • Water is involved in many processes that are vital for our well-being. For instance, it keeps body temperature stable and helps get rid of waste.

We need to be reminded every day to drink more water. Your skin will look better, your vitality will increase and generally you will feel much better. It is the well-being and beauty elixir.You need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. If you exercise or the weather is hot, then you need more. Otherwise you will get symptoms such as headaches, tiredness and loss of concentration.NO moisturizer can effectively hydrate your skin if you are dehydrated from the inside.So from now on, drink 2 litres a day. People ask, ‘Won’t I be spending all my time going to the bathroom?’ Well yes, BUT only for the first days until your body’s hydration is balanced. Then you will be fine – your organs as well as your skin.

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