Very Beautiful Pakistani Couples Who Got Separated

Here I am going to talk about the very beautiful Pakistani couples who got separated. Whatsoever the reasons of their separation may be, but if we take a look at their previous pictures, we get to realize that I wish these celebs could remain in their wedding lives for a lifetime.

Sataesh Khan- Malik Noraid Awaan

Artist Sataesh Khan had left television industry back in 2012 and became a part of a religious group ‘Al-huda’. She unfortunately could not remain along with her husband Malik Noraid Awaan. Whenever we see their old pictures, we get to realize that the two looked very cute together and wish that they would have not gotten separated.

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Beautiful Pakistani Couples


Sherry Malik- Malik Awan

Sherry Malik and Malik Awan also make good couple. What do you think? I am sure you would say yes, but we all know that the two unfortunately have been separated. They got divorce and are now living their lives alone. Actress and model, Sherry Malik and Malik Awan tied their knot in a simple way. It was merely a month when their relationship came to an end, and this is very unfortunate.

Beautiful Pakistani Couples

Nazli Hassan- Hassan Soomro

Nazli Hassan was married for 16 years to Hassan Soomro. She has two children Zohaib and Zoya. They were living good lives and used to be happy together. But what happened suddenly too their wedding? Well, the people say that their wedding ended up due to some misunderstandings between the two.

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Beautiful Pakistani Couples

Mahira Khan-Ali Askari

Now comes the turn of Mahira and her husband, the handsome man. Both have been separated but used to look very charming, good, and cute together. What are the reasons of their separation? They ended up in the end and are now no more in this wedding. The two have a kid as well, but unfortunately Mahira is no more with Ali.

Beautiful Pakistani Couples


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