Using a straightner to curl your hair!

Most hair straighteners can only be used to smooth out curly hair or to make the hair straight and if you want to change your hair style by wearing fabulous curls, then you need to buy another set of curling iron but there is no need to buy a curling iron separately. Being able to curl your hair with a flat iron is good for multiple reason, such as if your travelling, u wont hav to carry a large number of tools with you. You can just take your flat iron and straighten your hair or curl your hair with a flat iron. the other good thing is storage. it’l save you space and money. so, if you like to have your hair look curly. You have to use any flat iron which is thin and all the way round from the edges. If u have one of those really fat or thick flat irons, then unfortunately, it wont work.

Spray your hair with heat protectant spray and comb through. Take one section of your hair and hold your flat iron and clamp it on that piece, then twist your hair around it and just rotate your straightener in 180 degrees, while pulling down along the length of your hair. The slower you pull down, the curlier it will be. Also, for a tighter curl, rotate your straightener 360 degrees as will make your curls more bouncy and defined.
Do this all over your head by taking small sections and once you’ve finished an entire section, finish that section with hair spray, which will hold your curls in place all day long.



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