Typical Characters Present in Most Pakistani Dramas

The television industry of Pakistan has given us a lot of moments when we get much to learn from and get inspired from. A lot of dialogues, scenes, marriage struggles, love stories, family Pakistani dramas, and sibling rivalry etc have been a part of our shows. Other than this, conflicts with in-laws, illicit relationships and of course the dilemma of the actor who is unlucky to have been divided between his mother and wife is something we can not ignore.

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Pakistani Dramas


Choices of Television Shows

There are a lot of dramas in Pakistan with varying stories and hopeless filmy scenes. Some of them present the true picture of life, while others are nothing more than providing us just entertainment and masala. The majority of our dramas prove to be the stories of jealous characters that have always been seen doing something unrealistic and clever activities. This is, to be honest, a bad impact on our societies.

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Pakistani Dramas

Typical Characters and Similar Stories

I feel no hesitation to say that in most of our dramas there are always expectations. The general patterns of drama making should no more be followed. Our drama makers, directors, producers, and all the staff members behind the scene should start focusing on and looking for some new stories. The expectations of drama lovers are always high especially when they see their favorite stars, but most of the expectations end up with nothing but similar stories and same characters.

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Pakistani Dramas

There is always a boy on whom the eyes of two girls remain. This triangle story and similar concept should no more be supported. Another same concept is the poor girl who luckily gets a rich husband and rude mother in law. This is, to be honest, a very boring character and story and needs to be removed from our scripts.


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