Trend Of Wearing Khussa In Summer Season

In the summer season majority of the women favor wearing khussas as they are comfortable and relaxed in walking around. In the past Khussas was one of the most favorite form of footwear in South Asian women and now this trend is becoming one of the common ones in the women all over the world. The best thing about khussas is that they are set in varieties of designs and styles alongside with the use of colorful form of color shades as well. As the fashion trends have been changing up they are becoming quite a lot wanted ones as well.

Trend Of Wearing Khussa In Summer Season

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Why Khussa Styles Are So Famous?

All the khussa designs are mainly added up with the superb simplicity along with the elegance flavors as well. They bring out the images of urbanization that you can team up with all sorts of clothing outfits. It can even be choosen up for highlighting your overall appearance with the fashionable strokes. You can set it with the western taste by placing it in the company of jean and top or a full traditional kameez by means of tights and a long dupatta.

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How Khussas Are Designed?

If we talk about the styling of khussas then they are all set with the vegetable-tanned leather. Upper side of the khussas is all made of one piece of leather or textile embroidered and embellished in the company of brass nails, cowry shells, mirrors, bells and ceramic beads. You will going to find the khussa footwear all in brighter and vibrant form of color shades that are all set with the velvet or neon color. For the information of the readers we would like to mention that the upper side of the khussas is all finished with the cotton threading that gives out the feel of its durability and strength as well. By the end you will going to catch up some of the lovely images of khussa designs in summer season!

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