Top Pakistani Celebrity Couples We Want to See Together Again

With the passage of time, it has become very tough to stay in a healthy relationship for a lifetime. Talking about celebrities of Pakistan, they, just like normal people, also see ups and downs in life. Sometimes they have to suffer from breakups of love affairs and marriage relationships. Here are top Pakistani celebrity couples we want to see together again.

1. Sataesh Khan- Malik Noraid Awaan

Artist Sataesh Khan has left the industry of Pakistan television since 2012, and is now a part of a religious group ‘Al-huda’. This Pakistani celebrity got separated from husband Malik Noraid Awaan. The two married a few years ago, and their wedding could not last for long. They say, the husband used to torture and threaten the family of Noraid Awaan.

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Pakistani Celebrity Couples

2. Arij Fatyma- Faraz

We miss to see Arij and Faraz together. Until they remained in married relationship, they made a good and cute couple. Unfortunately, their relationship ended with a sad note. The model and actress Arij fatyma had her Nikah on January 5, 2014 in Karachi. She was divorced by Faraz, and the news proved to be very shocking for us. They ended their relationship just after three months of their marriage.

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Pakistani Celebrity Couples

3. Sherry Malik- Malik Awan

We want to see the beautiful actress and model, Sherry Malik back with Malik Awan. I know it is not possible, but the two made very good couple when they were in relationship. They tied the knot in a low profile wedding ceremony. Just a few days after, they got separated, and the lady discovered that the husband is a fraud. This gave a big shock to Sherry.

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Pakistani Celebrity Couples

4. Mahira Khan-Ali Askari

Mahira Khan is one of the prettiest and highest paid actresses of Pakistan. This model and actress got divorce from her husband Ali Askari few years back. She has been in the limelight since the success of Humsafar television series. She also has a little kid.

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Pakistani Celebrity Couples

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