Top Lipstick Shades for Fashion Loving Women

I don’t think there would be any lady not to be attracted to use lipsticks. These days the race to leave each others behind in fashion has been tremendously increased. The ladies love to represent themselves as the top notch fashion icons before others. To let this happen, they make use of different trendy outfits and make up products. Lipsticks are the way to seduce you before others. The top five lipstick colors to charm your personality are as follows.

1. Shiny Red Color:

It is the most favorite lipstick colors of almost all the ladies in the world. Whether the ladies belong to fashion industry, film industry or even the common ladies, all seem to love shiny red colors. No matter what so ever the face complexion you have, you can always apply shiny red lipsticks to enhance your face beauty.

Top Lipstick Shades for Fashion Loving Women


2. Pink Color:

It is a favorite color of girls. Both light and dark pink lipsticks can charm your beauty. The college going girls especially can enjoy light colored pink lipsticks as it would help them look gorgeous living in their own limits. But it does not mean they cannot enjoy the pleasure of having dark colored pink lipsticks. They can definitely but light pink lipsticks would still be a much better option according to their age group.

3. Brown Lipsticks:

These are helpful in giving you a flawless look. The ladies looking for a versatile and classic beauty and don’t want to look over, can use brown colored lipsticks. The brown colored lipsticks both in shiny and mat ideas can prove to be a fragment like experience for you to attract others.

Top Lipstick Shades for Fashion Loving Women

4. Purple Lipsticks:

Tired of using the same boring colored lipsticks? Then you must give a try to purple color. The ladies can enjoy this lipstick color for night functions and outdoor parties.

If you are the lady to enjoy a lot loaded lipstick shades and still tired of the same boring colors, then don’t worry. My above collection once tried by you can help you make your experience look gorgeous. Some of the lip makeup they tried made them frown, pout and purse their lips in disapproval, but instead of telling you about all the horrible lip makeup out there.


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