Top Five Ingredients to make a best moisturizer for skin and face

Posted on Mar 30 2011 - 2:57am by Shahid

Skin needs care and pamper,we all care but we forget to pamper it, we all need and use moisturizing products more or less. it is a part of our daily lives. Here we are discussing Top Five Ingredients to make a best moisturizer for skin and face and the use of Cosmetics for moisturizing your skin.

make best moisturizer for skin and face


sunscreen spf for sun protection:

sun damage is a leading cause of dry skin, wrinkles and dark spots, sunscreen product that absorbs or reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the skin exposed to sunlight and help to protect against sunburn. Most of the dermatologist recommend a sunscreen with SPF rating of 15 or higher for daily use.

alpha_hydroxy acid for Skin Protection:

AHA helps wash away dead cell from the outer layer of the skin. This essential acid helps to reduce the fine lines and slow water loss, though they may be a bit harsh on sensitive skin

tretinoin for lightening the skin:

This ingredient (tretinoin) help in lighten the skin and replace old dead skin with new skin.Tretinoin is used to reduced stretch mark, slow skin aging and wrinkles. may b too harsh for sensitive skin causing redness,scaling,itching and burning.

sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS)/sodium laureth for skin cleansing:

This ingredient is used in cleansing and hygiene product to make lather.These ingredient are to be avoided in moisturizer since they actually remove natural oil, drying your skin further

petrolatum, petroleum jelly or Vaseline for Skin Softness:

Also known as petroleum jelly, paraffin jelly, softens and soothes skin.Forms a film to prevent moisture loss (Vaseline is petrolatum).
It reduce scaling and helps retain moisturizer may be harsh for some skin type, causing skin irritation

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