Top Designers of Pakistan in their Best Outfit 2012

You might come across different designers collection featuring different top Pakistani models. Here we are sharing with you a very interesting photo shoot recently done on top Pakistani female designers showcasing their best outfit for year 2012. These designers are not only in their best dress but with it they are also sharing very precious secrets of their Personal Style. Students earning online university degrees in fashion may want to get a head start thinking about what favorite outfit they would pose in. The list of Designers and their style statement included in this photo shoot are Sehyr Anis in her classic & chic outfit, Saira Rizwan wearing her beautiful sophisticated dress, Madiha Ibrar in stylish embellished women winter wear, Teena by Hina butt in bold and passionate black dress and Nosheen Amir in her very stylish jewellery by ENNZ. Now lets wait no more and have a look at top designers of Pakistan in their best outfit 2012

Top Designers of Pakistan in their Best Outfit 2012


Pakistani fashion designer Nosheen amir of ennz jewellery for women 2012

Madia Ibrar in her latest fashion best out fit of year 2012 Pakistan

stylish and chic designer Saira rizwan 2012

fashion designer teena by hina butt


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