Tips On How To Look Younger Than Your Age

Isn’t it yours biggest wish to look years younger than your real age ? Doesn’t looking young counted as beauty ?? Don’t we all girls envy Mahnoor Bolach ,a Star who does not grow old. I remember watching her on TV as a child, she seemed to be in her early twenties and even now after almost 15 to 20 years she still seems to be in her early twenties, magical isn’t it ? But trust me its no magic at all. What all you need is a little determination, motivation and consistency.


Its a general believe that to look young one needs to use expensive products, creams or get different surgeries done. And i will impeach this claim by showing the contrary. Below are some of  the Tips On How To Look Younger Than Your Age

Look Younger Than Your Age

Tips On How To Look Younger Than Your Age

 Tips On How To Look Younger Than Your Age 400 x 300

Food :- First, and foremost you need to take care of what and when you eat. To look young you have to say bye bye to junk food and hello to chicken, vegetables, fruits and fish. As these food contains vitamins and nutrients which are essential for your skin. These vitamins play a vital role in growth of new, younger skin. You also have to be look after what you drink. You have to let go off fuzzy drinks like Pepsi and coke and shift to fresh juices. “Water hydrates your skin and does wonders” is a common dictum and one that we should defiantly follow, if we want our skin to look fresh and young.

Exercise:- Another important factor to make yourself look young, fit and smart is to do exercise on daily basis.It is common knowledge that exercise helps you tone your skin and toned skin is better than wrinkly, fat skin. Muscular and toned body help you look younger than your real age. The exercises which are usually suggest to make you look younger are swimming, aerobic walking, cycling and running.

Live in the Present:- Try to live a stress free life, i.e. let your past go because what happened in the past it will remain the same and there is nothing you can do to change it. All you can do, is get over it and move on with your life. Secondly, don’t worry about your future to much. Why get upset of something you aren’t even sure will happen.I know it is easy say difficult done case, but there is no harm in trying. As, Stress pays a vital role in you looking old or young. If you spend a stressful life you will look years older than your original age where as a stress-free life can help you look years younger

Quite Smoking:- Smoking is deleterious for health and also damages your skin. So, if you want to look young you quit smoking is a compulsion.

If you follow the tips described above you can really appear younger than your biology age. And you need not to envy anyone anymore !!


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