Some Wonderful & Suprising Benefits Of Bread

Bread is one of those commonest foods which is liked by almost every individual, no matter which age group he belongs to. The best thing since sliced bread may just be… sliced bread. Soft bread slices have the perfect softly absorbent texture for picking up tiny pieces of broken glass, gently cleaning dust off your precious oil paintings, and even safely removing splinters from your finger when soaked with milk and taped to your skin with a band-aid.

Remove Scorched Taste From Rice:

Did you leave the rice cooking too long and let it get burned? To get rid of the scorched taste, place a slice of white bread on top of the rice while it’s still hot. Replace the pot lid and wait several minutes. When you remove the bread, the burned taste should be gone.

Some Wonderful & Suprising Benefits Of Bread

Soften Up Hard Marshmallows:
You reach for your bag of marshmallows only to discover that they’ve gone stale. Put a couple of slices of fresh bread in the bag and seal it shut (you may want to transfer the marsh-mallows to a self-sealing plastic bag). Leave it alone for a couple of days. When you reopen the bag, your marshmallows should taste as good as new.

Absorb Vegetable Odors:
Love cabbage or broccoli, but hate the smell while it’s cooking? Try putting a piece of white bread on top of the pot when cooking up a batch of “smelly” vegetables. It will absorb most of the odor.

Soak-Up Grease And Stop Flare-Ups:
To paraphrase a famous bear: Only you can prevent grease fires. One of the best ways to prevent a grease flare-up when broiling meat is to place a couple of slices of white bread in your drip pan to absorb the grease. It will also cut down on the amount of smoke produced.


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