So Kamal Home Collection 2013 For Summer

So Kamal has been one of the most famous and yet one of the well known brands in the fashion world of Pakistan. This brand has been initiated by Kamal Limited in 2012 who is one of the top leading textile mills in textile industries. They have been involved in catering the women with the clothing collections and even with the home accessories as well. The best thing about So Kamal has been their Kamal Lawn Fabrics that has been just newly introduced inside the fashion market. The infusion of finest and superior quality of fabric stuff has always forced the women to hit their collections in every seasonal happening. So Kamal has set up their main outlet in Lahore. Freshly, So Kamal has showcased their one of the fresh looking and newest special home collection 2013 for the summer happenings.

In this home collection 2013 for summer the installation has been done with the bed sheets and pillow covers. In addition, cushion covers have also been included within the collection. The color combinations used for all the home collection items have been set out with the bright and dark strokes that are even making the collection a lot colorful and full of life such as red, white, blue, pink, purple, yellow, black and so many others. In this article we will share few pictures of So Kamal home collection 2013 for summer. The women will love to decorate their house with all such items because they have been designed with such dazzling designing and the use of embroidery and lace work over the cushion covers have been completed superbly. All in all this collection has been remarkable stunning and marvelous for making the house attractive in summer season. So all the women out there if you want to make your house as the dream house then don’t forget to catch this exclusive and well designed home collection by So Kamal now.

So Kamal Home Collection 2013 For Summer

So Kamal Home Collection 2013 For Summer 008

Few Pictures Of So Kamal Collection 2013

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