Shaista Summer Collection 2013 for Women

Posted on Mar 1 2013 - 8:08pm by Asma

Shaista summer collection 2013 for women was revealed today. It includes a lot of different prints for women. Different sub-collections including Highness, Passion and Fantasy are included in Shaista summer collection 2013. All of these sub-collections have brightly colored prints to offer for women. Abstract and geometrical patterns are mostly visible in the collection. The whole collection is filled with eye-catching prints that will suit women of various ages. The prints can be used for creating stylish dresses to be worn casually. Both printed and embroidered fabric can be seen in this particular collection. So, if you need some nice dresses, consider getting them stitched from the prints from Shaista summer collection 2013 for women.

Shaista is now a very popular name in the world of Pakistani textiles. Although it has been around for many years, it has gained immense popularity recently. The main reason for this seems to be the stylish designs offered by Shaista. It offers fabrics for women only. All collections of Shaista include a lot of highly stylish designs. Thus, they have been praised by many women. Shaista winter collection 2012 and other previous collections of Shaista have been quite successful. The collections of Shaista are offered through a few fabric shops across Pakistan.

You can see some of Shaista summer collection 2013 prints below. The full catalog of Shaista summer collection 2013 has been uploaded on its Facebook page. So, you can visit the Facebook fan page of Shaista to see them. The web address of that specific page is given here. You can view more prints of the brand there. The collection will soon be available at some fabric stores in Pakistan. You can then visit a big fabric store near you to get more information on the prints in the collection.

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Shaista Summer Collection 2013 for Women

Shaista Summer Collection 2013 for Women

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