Sadia Khan Photo Shoot for Lajwanti Bridal Wear

Sadia Khan a very popular Model and TV actress of Pakistan Entertainment industry and on the other hand we have a very fashionable Asian brand of Pakistan called Lajwanti. Both of them have decided to join hands and thus we can say Sadia Khan is the new brand ambassador of Lajwanti. Sadia Khan Photo Shoot of Lajwanti Bridal Wear is an example of stylish brand presented by a stunning model. Lajwanti has taken a risk of introducing new and bright colours for their latest bridal wear and are expected a good feed back from their customer who in thier opinion want to see bride in dazzling colours.  We can expect this Photo Shoot of Lajwanti Bridal Wear to be the trend setter for other brands.  It is also expected that Lajwanti would be introducing their newest jewelry collection before the end of this year. Here we are sharing with you the most elegant pieces of Lajwanti Bridal Wear Photo Shoot 2011 with Sadia Khan.



  Sadiakhan_Lajwanti_bridal_Wear_Collection_2 Sadiakhan_Lajwanti_bridal_Wear_Collection_3   Sadiakhan_Lajwanti_bridal_Wear_Collection_4     Sadiakhan_Lajwanti_bridal_Wear_Collection_5   Sadiakhan_Lajwanti_bridal_Wear_Collection_6


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