Sadaf Arshad Bridal Wear Dresses 2013-2014 for Women

Sadaf Arshad is a fashion designer In Pakistan. She is known for her superb and stylish dresses, which she provides under her brand Sadaf Dziner Studio. Recently, Sadaf Arshad bridal dresses 2013-2014 for women were seen in a photoshoot.

Sadaf Arshad Bridal Wear Dresses 2013-2014

The new bridal dresses of Sadaf Arshad are all quite appropriate for brides-to-be. There are dresses that can be worn on baraat and valima. The bridal wear clothes of Sadaf Arshad are such that women having different tastes will like them. So, if you are interested in bridal wear, check out Sadaf Arshad bridal wear dresses 2013-2014 for women.

Sadaf Arshad provides clothes for women under her label Sadaf Dziner Studio. The designer is known for her bridal wear clothes and pret for women. Original, chic and exclusive designs are provided by Sadaf Arshad. The designer has been doing this for more than a decade. Luxury fabrics like silk and organza are provided by the brand. The clothes of Sadaf Arshad have been seen at different fashion weeks and shows in Pakistan. The brand is based in the city of Lahore and its team can be contacted via phone.

You can see the pictures of Sadaf Arshad bridal wear dresses 2013-2014 for women below. The model for the shoot is Nooray Bhatti. If you want to find out more about these bridal wear dresses, you can do so by going to the studio of the label or calling the team of the label. The phone number and address of Sadaf Dziner Studio is given on the Facebook page of this label of Sadaf Arshad. You can gain more information on the brand via its Facebook page. The address of the Facebook page of Sadaf Dziner Studio is provided below so that you can easily find it and get the needed information.

Sadaf Dziner Studio Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/SADAF.DZINER

Sadaf Arshad Bridal Wear Dresses 2013-2014 for Women


Sadaf Arshad 2013-2014  Bridal Wear Dresses for Women

Source: Sadaf Arshad


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