Rilli Kurtas for Girls and Women

Rilli kurtas for girls and women are in fashion nowadays. Lots of girls and women in the country are crazy about this fashion. In fact, it is not just rilli kurtas that girls are crazy about but rilli palazzos also. These are as popular as ajrak dresses in the country.

Rilli Kurtas

Rilli kurtas can be made wholly from rilli or just have patches of rilli. Many of these kurtas are quite nice and colorful. There are rilli kurtas made on nice cotton or lawn fabric. These kurtas can be worn with palazzos or churidaars. So, get rilli kurtas for girls and women for appearing stylish.

Rilli is an Ancient art of Sindh, Balochistan and Southern Punjab and is a part of our culture. It is actually the craft of handwoven bed spreads and quilts made by women in the area. There are three basic styles of rilli namely appliqué, embroidery and patchwork. The motifs used in rilli go back many centuries. Nowadays the craft is being used in kurtas for women also. These kurtas are superb for casual wear. There are many designers and brands offering rilli kurtas. Hence, they are now easily available for women.

You can see pictures of some of the rilli kurtas for girls and women over here. You can get to know what is in style by viewing these pictures. You can grab such kurtas at the stores of different brands or get them stitched as unstitched rilli kurtas are also available. If you want to see more rilli kurtas just browse around the web. You can also see more of them on They are part of many different designers’ collections as they are in style these days. So, check out these stylish dresses. Before checking out more of such dresses, check out rilli kurtas for girls for women over here.

Rilli Kurtas for Girls and Women

Rilli Kurtas for Women and Girls

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