Protect Your Eyes From Dark Circles

Beauty is very important part of every women’s life and we all have to take good care of it.The most important part of women’s body is face  and protect the eyes from dark-circles is the very difficult task for women,because it always decreases the level of our beauty.Some very simple tips are here below to get rid of this problems.


When your eye covering from dark cirlces,it can be cut by simply used of your concealer.What you need is a peach-based one in a shade slightly darker than you would normally use to neutralize the purple rings.But first of all you have to identify your skin tone and then you have to choose the best shade of your concealer.Suppose if you have fair complexion your concealer shade is almost light but it can enhance your circles because this light shade is matched with your skin tone.So, go up for the shade,that will be light as your skin tone but correct for the level of purple under your eyes.Once you find a perfect shade of concealer then put it with small brush at only eye covering dark circle not anywhere else.Use a brush with tapping motion,only just blend into your skin.


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