Paul Walker’s Brother Cody Walker Will Complete The Fast And Furious 7

Before 2 weeks we updated you with news of Paul Walker’s death. Paul Walker, hero of ‘Fast & Furious’ series was 40 years old, got died due to a worst car accident driven by one of his friend. His tragic death was a shock for his family and friends but it was also a serious problem for the director of ‘Fast & Furious’  James Wan and the producers. Did you think who will complete the Fast & Furious 7 ? 

The Fast And Furious Team want to give him a respectful ‘Good Bye’ which he deserves. For the purpose Paul Walkers’ look alike little brother ‘Cody Walker’ has asked to step in the film and help to complete the Fast & Furious 7.

Paul Walker (late) With His Brother Cody Walker.


Paul Walker (late) With His Brother Cody Walker.

Cody Walker, 25 years old, is a handsome man just like Paul Walker lives in Oregon with his mother. The director has planned to film the scene in this way that they will shoot Cody Walker from behind and at a distance. For close up they will need Paul’s face which they will CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) later. And this way Brian O’Conner, the character of ‘Fast And Furious’, will die with memorable scene.

What do you think, Should Cody step in the movie? Can he become a good choice of director?

More Pictures Of Cody Walker :

Cody Walker, Caleb Walker And Paul Walker In Caleb's Wedding.

Cody Walker(left), Caleb Walker (Center)And Paul Walker(right) In Caleb’s Wedding.

Paul walker's brother cody walker 04Paul walker's brother cody walker 02


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