Pakistani Actress Noor Showing Interest in Talk Shows

Do you want to know that what has been the activities of Pakistani actress Noor these days? If your answer is yes, then this is the page for you. Before we share the information with you about this stunning Pakistani actress Noor let me tell you that she has been into industry for several years.

Pakistani Actress Noor

The Pakistani actress Noor is known to be one of the best, most vibrating, and beautiful females of the country. She joined the film industry in the early days of her life. She used to act very well in her movies and has been given various awards due to her top notch performance. The Pakistani actress Noor has touched the heights of fame and success during her career of movies.

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Pakistani Actress Noor


Noor is Interested in Hosting

Yes, you read it absolutely right, the Pakistani actress Noor has now become a television diva. She is one of the greatest dancers of the country. A few of her fans know that she is a good singer as well. Now she is showing much of interest to do hosting on television shows.

The Pakistani actress Noor, in an interview, said that she has now been focusing much on hosting some shows. She is truly very magical by personality. Can you name the show or two the actress Noor has hosted? Other than television, she is now appearing in various ads and even has been highlighting herself as the show stopper of the fashion industry.

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Pakistani Actress Noor

Noor, a stunning lady

Noor has now become a versatile performer. We can regard her to be not only an actress of the movies, but also a complete television celebrity and of course a fashion model. She has been signed by various show directors as a host and is now the face of fashion shows as well.


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