Nauratan Eid Collection 2012 Outfits for Women

Nauratan launched its eid collection a few days back but it released the pictures today. Nauratan eid collection 2012 consists of party and formal wear outfits for women. The outfits are suitable for all age groups. Long flowing shirts without sleeves can be found in Nauratan eid collection 2012. Nauratan eid collection 2012 outfits are stitched according to the latest fashion and so, will appeal to all fashionable ladies out there. They are great especially for those people who want to make this eid more special with elegant and stylish outfits.

Nauratan is a well known fashion brand founded in 2005. It is a brand that blends modern and traditional couture in a very nice way and as a result provides good fusion wear outfits. The brand provides bridal wear, formal wear, semi-formal wear, casuals and prêt designer wear outfits.  You will see both creativity as well as practicality in its designs. The brand aims to bring back the regalia of Mughal court through its dresses. Till now it has released various successful collections. At the moment, it is stocking its outfits mostly at multi-designer boutiques throughout the country. The brand currently stocks its outfits at stores in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Nauratan eid collection 2012 can be seen below. These are just some of the outfits. For more of the outfits in Nauratan eid collection 2012, go to any of the stores where Nauratan stocks its collections. For inquiries, contact Nauratan via email or phone. For more information, go to the Facebook fan page of the brand. You can get a list of places where Nauratan outfits are stocked from there. For your convenience, we have given the phone number, email address and Facebook fan page of Nauratan are given below. So, if you want any of the outfits, do purchase them soon as eid is just round the corner.

Phone: 0300 8244331

Email: [email protected]

Facebook Page:

Nauratan Eid Collection 2012 Outfits for Women

Nauratan Eid Collection 2012 for Women


Source: Nauratan


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