Nabila Makeup Shoot for Models and Brides 2012

Nabila is Pakistan most famous Hair designer and Image consultant. Nabila and her team has done marvelous job in recent PFDC L’Oreal Paris bridal week done in Lahore. Their Nabila has defined new bridal and model look of 2012. Each model makeup was defined with complete detailing. Here is Nabila latest photo shoot which is done on Amina Shiek and Ayyan ali. Every hair do, makeup and styling is done with full attention, which makes them look unique and beautiful. Nabila beauty salon is located in Karachi and Lahore. Let’s have a look at new aspects of model and bridal make up of 2012

Nabila Makeup Shoot for Models and Brides 2012


 Latest trend of bridal makeup and hairstyles by Nabila

 model makeup 2012

 Nabila 2012 located in Lahore and karachi

 Nabila stylish hairstyles and model makeup for women and girls

 Ayyan ali in Nabila latest fashion makeup at PFDC L’Oreal Paris bridal week 2012

 Amina shiekh in Nabila beauty salon bridal makeup 2012

 Source: Nabila


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