Major and Important Disadvantage of Hair Dryer in Summer 2012


 Here we will discuss disadvantage of hair dryer in summer 2012. Hair dryers are very dangerous if person use them regularly in summer 2012. If women use hair dyer daily then it takes out her natural shine of hairs, strength and moisture. Regular use of hair dryer causes many hair problems such as rotten, mingle up of hair and split ends. Moreover, constant and regular use of hair dryer also causes ear affection. Another disadvantage of hair dryer is that many hair dryers have high temperatures. If women won’t be able to handle with great care then temperature handler can make her skin burn. Furthermore, some women use hair dryer in bathrooms. But this approach is extremely harmful and dangerous for kids because if kids handle hair dryer in a bad way then he/she will surely face problem or accident. It is strongly advisable that women should use hair dryers in bedrooms.


  In Pakistan, there are various hair dryer brands are available which are very handy and small in size. After knowing, these hazards of hair dryers, it is very important that every woman should use hair dryer in a limited way in summer 2012. For the convenience of women, we would like to mention some best brands of hair dryers such as Solia 1875 W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer, Elchim 2001 Professional Hair Dryer and Super Solano Original Hair Dryer. In the final conclusion, we hope that every woman should understand the main disadvantage of hair dryer in summer 2012. We strongly suggest that if woman wants to prevent their hairs from dangerous hair problems and maintian proper haircare they she should not use hair dryer in summer 2012 regularly.

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