Keepsakes by Reem Bridal Jewellery 2014 for Ladies

Keepsakes by Reem recently released its bridal wear jewellery collection. This is one of the few bridal jewellery collection released by the brand that is becoming quite popular in Pakistan nowadays. This bridal wear jewellery collection is quite different from the ones released by other brands.

Keepsakes by Reem Bridal Jewellery 2014

Beautiful kundan jewellery is included in the collection. There are different jewellery pieces like necklaces, earrings and karas in the collection. They are made with different colored stones. Overall, we think that Keepsakes by Reem bridal jewellery 2014 for ladies will appeal to lots of women.

Keepsakes by Reem is a brand of designer jewellery. It was founded in the year 2010. The brand has released several jewellery designs till now. Just recently, Keepsakes by Reem jewellery 2013 was released. The brand offers jewellery of not just physical but sentimental value also. The brand offers not only modern jewellery but traditional Pakistani jewellery also. The brand provides gold-plated jewellery and silver jewellery. The finest material and state-of-the-art processes are used for making the jewellery. Thus, the jewellery is of good quality. If you want any jewellery pieces by Keepsakes by Reem, you can get through different multi-brand stores as the jewellery is stocked there. The designer meets clients by appointments also. Appointments can be taken via phone.

You can see the pictures from the shoot of the collection of Keepsakes by Reem bridal jewellery 2014 for ladies below. If you want the bridal jewellery by Keepsakes by Reem, you can get it through the stores where the jewellery of Keepsakes by Reem is usually stocked. The names and full addresses of these places are given on the Facebook page of this brand, which can be accessed via the address below. This Facebook page of Keepsakes by Reem includes information on the brand also.

Keepsakes by Reem Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/KeepsakesReem

Keepsakes by Reem Bridal Jewellery 2014 for Ladies


Keepsakes by Reem 2014 Bridal Jewellery for Ladies

Source: Keepsakes by Reem


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