Kanxa Malik 2012 Fashionable Eid Outfits

Eid shopping has started in full swing. Kanxa Malik is among the many designers, who have recently released their eid collection. Kanxa Malik 2012 eid outfits were unveiled online today. However, they have been available at Nadia Lakdawala Haute Designer Lounge since the last week. Kanxa Malik 2012 eid outfits are quite trendy and appropriate for girls. They are a fusion of western and eastern wear. You will see that the dresses in Kanxa Malik 2012 eid collection are mostly appropriate for party wear. Kaaftaans as well as shirts with churidaars are included in this collection by Kanxa Malik.

Kanxa Malik is one of those designers, who started designing some years ago and have become quite famous within a short period of time. The main reason for her success seems to be her affordable and visually appealing clothes. The clothes are created according to the needs of customers. Moreover, the designer stresses a lot on quality and perfection on each item. Each and every outfit created by Kanxa Malik is original. It is not a replica of any other designer. She provides mainly party wear and casual wear clothing for women. You can get her outfits from Nadia Lakdawala Haute Designer Lounge.

Kanxa Malik 2012 eid outfits’ photographs are given below. The designer is going to exhibit her eid collection on 3rd August 2012 at The Grandeur Art Gallery of Karachi. Her eid dresses will be exhibited in Dubai the next day. If you have any question related to Kanxa Malik 2012 eid outfits, then you can get in touch with the designer via email or Facebook. The email address and URL of Facebook fan page of Kanxa Malik is given below. If you want the outfits, attend the exhibition or go to Nadia Lakdawala Haute Designer Lounge soon.

Kanxa Malik Email Address: [email protected]

Kanxa Malik Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/kanxa.f.malik

Kanxa Malik 2012 Fashionable Eid Outfits

Kanxa Malik 2012 Fashionable Eid Outfits

Source: Kanxa Malik

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