Izza Hassan Silk Collection 2015 By Shariq Textiles

Do you know that Izza Hassan silk collection 2015 by Shariq Textiles will be launching on the 20th June 2015? Yes, this news is all true! If you want to have the details of this pure kind of silk collection line then you are at the right place! Right over here, we will be giving you the details of this collection line, these dresses are made from pure kind of silk and they have been looking quite and rather awesome looking. These silk dresses have been covered up with the work of the print work and we have also seen that these silk dresses have been fused with the embellished and thread work too.

Izza Hassan Silk Collection 2015 By Shariq Textiles

Izza Hassan Silk Collection 2015 By Shariq Textiles0010

This Izza Hassan silk collection has been present in the shades of blue, yellow, green, red, pink and in many other colors and make sure that you do not miss out this silk collection. If on this Eid 2015, you want to wear a silky kind of dress, if you want to have that kind of formal dress that has been made from the silk fabric then this silk collection line 2015 should be grabbed right now!

Izza Hassan Silk Collection 2015 By Shariq Textiles006
If you want to have more and more information about this hub and its Eid collection lines then you can get all those updates from here. Join also the face book fan page of Shariq Textiles, we have been sharing up the pictures too. If some more of the Izza Hassan silk collections will be launched by this hub then we will also let you know. Right now, for this Eid 2015, you have to wear a silk dress and that silk dress has to be made by this hub. Try out these Izza Hassan silk dresses and let us know your rating too.

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