Is Nail Polish Safe For Pregnancy

Nail polish is the weakness of thousands of ladies. We, the females, cannot stop ourselves from being the users of pretty nail polish and lip gloss shades. Do you know there are so many drawbacks of this product? If no, then here we are going to discuss why not nail polish safe for pregnancy and what we should do?

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Nail Polish Safe For Pregnancy

Chemical Changes

Whenever we apply nail polish onto our nails, it to some extent accelerates the blood pressure and brings changes in our hormones. This clearly means that nail polish during pregnancy can be harmful not only for the mother but also for unborn baby. If you are expecting, then be very careful in choosing your nail polish brand. As your body is already going through several chemical and hormonal changes, so using both nail polish, and nail polish remover should be avoided as much as possible.

Nail Polish Safe For Pregnancy

Harmful for Nails

Chances are there that your nails’ natural color and structure may be ruined if you don’t stop yourself from being a regular use of nail polish. It is okay to use such items when you are not pregnant. But if you are expecting, there is another life belonging to you so you have to think about that life as well. Nail polish chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene are not at all good for your nails, and these may even ruin the color and structure of the nails of your baby later on.

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Nail Polish Safe For Pregnancy

Skin Exposure

You can give preference to using a nail polish that is free of toluene and formaldehyde. But finding such a product is not a cup of tea. Only branded, and somewhat costly nail polishes can provide those results to you. During pregnancy, it is far much better to use not a single such item and be very careful because you are to give birth to a baby and you have to take care of yourself and of his/her life.

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