Imran Abbas Fell In Love With Whom?

As we all know that Fawad Khan and Ali Zafar is rocking and making their own rule in the Bollywood industry. In the same way, Imran Abbas, who was featured in the Creature film with hot and sizzling Bipasha Basu has also captured our hearts with his hot looks and killing smile. Now, from the sources, we came to know that Imran Abbas has now fallen in love with some Bollywood actress and he is also planning to get married with her. Previously, he denied all these rumors and said that he is not at all committed with any one and yet not makes any plan to get married.

Imran Abbas Fell In Love With Whom?

Imran Abbas Fell In Love With Whom

Media has also posted the picture of Imran Abbas with his so called wife but Imran Abbas denied all this! Now, few days back, he himself said that he is now in love with some Bollywood actress and that Actress is none other than Madhuri Dixit. He said that he is a crazy and huge fan of Madhuri Dixit and would really want to work with her. Imran Abbas, this 31 year old guy has fallen in love with Madhuri Dixit. He is known for his acting in Khuda aur muhabbat. He is also planning to sign more Indian films. He has a fantastic voice but he never recorded his voice for any song. Now, we know that Imran Abbas love whom!

It is Madhuri Dixit, both of them have killer kind of looks and smiles. Let us all see if Imran Abbas and Madhuri Dixit wil be sharing the screen. Now, all the rumours have proven wrong because Imran Abbas, himself has made this announcement that he is in love and huge and crazy fan of this Bollywood Diva.

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