How To Treat Dark Circles With Yoga

Have you ever try out to treat the dark circles with yoga? Well we all know that these days getting dark circles are becoming one of the common problems in both men and women. There are many reasons that can give rise to the dark circles such as lack of sleep, excessive stress and illness. Most of the times the appearance of lack of oxygen as well as blood flow an even be one of the main reasons that can bring rise to the dark circles. Now as we mentioned in the very beginning that dark circles can be treated at the best level with the help of yoga as well.

How To Treat Dark Circles With Yoga

How To Treat Dark Circles With Yoga

What Is Hastapadotasana?

It is all about the exercise that is involved in the standing, forward bend pose. It is all known out to be one of the best and foremost exercises in yoga series for dark circles. By the way of this exercise you will be getting the chance of stretching your muscles of the whole body and allows the nervous system to get active as well. It even allows the blood to regulate inside the nerves. It can even come up to be beneficial for relieve from abdominal and stomach disorders.

Steps for Hastapadotasana:

1. For doing this exercise you have to make sure one thing that you are standing straight and just keep the legs apart as of shoulder width.
2. Now in the next step you have to stretch both hands forward and upwards in way that gives a stretch to your spine.
3. Now you have to bend slowly to touch the floor by means of palms with head touching knees.
4. Now slowly breathe as you breathe normally.

In this exercise you don’t have to stretch yourself too much if you are not able to touch the ground surface. Just keep yourself and your body comfortable. This is one of the easy ways to prevent and trauma of muscles. It will even going to help you in curing the pimples, spots and acne areas as well.

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