How to make a messy bun?

Posted on Jul 7 2015 - 2:50pm by Nimra Zafar

In summers every other girl catches her hairs to reduce the effect of heat. Hair buns are in trend these summers. Messy hair bun is more or less at the peak of fashion and beauty trend. Now, you don’t have to go to salon for making a messy bun. You can make a messy bun at your home by your own self following these simples and easy steps. This hair bun is one of the artistic and easiest buns. You don’t even need to comb your hairs again and again. Here are simple steps that will tell you how to make a messy bun?

See how to make a messy bun


How to make a messy bun?

How to make a messy bun easily?

  • You have to start with comb, Comb your hairs to avoid any tangles and bumps in hairs.
  • Make a ponytail but not very high for this hair bun. Use a rubber band for grip, so be ready with elastic on your wrist.
  • Twist the rubber band in the halfway, to create a loop. Don’t worry about the strand which fallen out.
  • Divide the hair in two parts. Take the tip of the hair from between the two parts, fix them with bobby pin.
  • If any undesired long strands are out of the bun, then stuck them into the rubber band or wrap it around the bun with bobby pin.

This messy bun will make you look stunning. This bun will change your look and you feel trendy.

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