How to have bold lips?

Posted on Jun 22 2015 - 3:51pm by Nimra Zafar

Almost every other girl wishes to have bold or bigger lips. Plastic surgery is not the solution as it is risky. You can have bold lips by applying lipstick in a tricky way. Here we go with the simple steps to make your lips bold:-


  • Moisturize your lips in order to make them smooth and soft. Dry the cuticles.
  • Now contour your lips. First contour cupid’s bow and bottom edge with the help of pencil outliner.
  • Now contour other edges of your lips left.
  • Now use the same lipstick color as of pencil to fill the lipstick.
  • Now apply concealer on your lips with help of brush.

These steps will make your lips bold and bigger and you’ll not have to go for plastic surgery.

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