How To Apply Eye Shadow

There is no doubt about the fact that eyes are the beautiful facial appearance of the body and when the eyes are stunningly filled with makeup then it seems like all the seven stars have been overflowing on the face. When we talk about the eyes makeup then we never forget to mention about the eye shadows. They are one of the important ingredients that are said to be incompletes in any eyes makeup. Whether it is makeup for the green eyes or the Smokey makeup you


will always need the assistance of the eye shadows. In all such situations it is also vital that the women and girls must know about the proper application of the eye shadows. Most of the times the eye shadows are not much noticeable but this aspect arises when some extra makeup is also applied on the eyes.

When you apply the eye shadows make sure that it is free from additional makeup on the eyes such as mascara, eye liner and eye pencil. The darker shades of the eye shadows are favored for evening and night parties whereas the light color must be preferred for the day timings. From the lashes till the eye brow just cover the whole area with the light shade of eye shadow. If you are in the favor of giving the natural image to the eyes then you must go for the light color including light blue or pink. When you apply the makeup on the eyes just don’t overlook to blend the makeup with the fingertips or thumb. Now finally for making the eyes bigger just apply a thick layer of eye liner and give the concluding stroke with the mascara. Now your eyes are all set for the perfect looking eye shadows. Just try it and dazzle up your attractive eyes in the parties.


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