Gul Ahmed Single Lawn Eid Collection 2013

Gul Ahmed is one of such fashion houses in Pakistan whose name cannot be neglected in the list of the renowned fashion brands of Pakistan. This brand has been linked with the fashion planet since the last few years. The main product lines of Gul Ahmed are clothing collection for men and women and along with the installation of the handbags, shoes and other numerous fashion accessories as well. Each time this brand has arrived with some of the fabulous and fresh looking collections that has every single stolen the heart beats of the men and women. Freshly, Gul Ahmed has showcased their magnificent and trendy looking single lawn Eid collection 2013 for women.

This singe lawn Eid collection 2013 has been enclosed within the single piece shirts. In this Eid collection 2013, women will find single piece shirts with trousers, tights etc. In all the single lawn eid collection dresses the brand has put together the beautification with the lace working along with the print styling as well. Here we will paste some of the pictures of Gul Ahmed single lawn Eid collection 2013 for women.

The shirts have been made from the lawn stuff. The colors used for the Eid dresses are much vibrant ones along with the colorful shades of the soft looking schemes as well just like red, white, blue, pink, purple, yellow, brown, green and so on. Moreover, Gul Ahmed single lawn collection 2013 is available within the price range of Rs: 800 to Rs: 1000. We think that this price range is affordable for Pakistani women. Hence this collection would be ideal for the Eid formal gatherings and even for the family functions. Hence this single lawn eid collection by Gul Ahmed is coming across to be a lot gorgeous and much captivatingly superb looking for the women.

Gul Ahmed Single Lawn Eid Collection 2013

Gul Ahmed Single Lawn Eid Collection 2013  005

Few Pictures Of Gul Ahmed Collection 2013

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