Gala Designs 2013 with Embroidery for Shirts

Posted on Mar 22 2013 - 12:01am by Asma

Today we will present some gala designs 2013 with embroidery. All types of dresses from casual wear dresses to formal wear dresses have embroidered gala designs. Although plain or simple galas are also in style in Pakistan these days, embroidered galas are more attractive for women. In formal wear dresses, gala designs 2013 also include dabka work and stone work. As so many women in Pakistan love embroidered gala designs 2013, many designers and textile companies have started designing lawn suits with embroidered galas. Such lawn suits appeal to many women in our country.

Women in Pakistan and other countries in South Asia have appreciated embroidered gala designs for many years now. Embroidered gala designs include round galas with embroidery under them. Other types of galas like high-necks are also included in gala designs 2013. The embroidery extends from the gala and till the middle of the shirt. Mostly the embroidery is quite intricate. It makes the shirt look quite gorgeous. Embroidered galas can add style and elegance to an otherwise plain shirt. That is why so many people go for embroidered galas for their shirts. Nowadays, not only women but men also prefer gala designs with a bit of embroidery.

You can see a few gala designs 2013 with embroidery below. These gala designs include suitable designs for casual wear shirts and formal wear shirts both. These gala designs are in fashion these days. They have been taken from the collections of different designers. So, if you want trendy gala designs with embroidery, go through these pictures. If you want these gala designs on your shirts, you can get them embroidered from an embroidery specialist. You can get them embroidered on printed shirts or even plain shirts. These embroidered gala designs will certainly make your shirt look even more fabulous.

Embroidered Gala Designs

Gala Designs 2013 with Embroidery for Shirts

 Gala Designs 2013

Gala Designs 2013 with Embroidery for Shirts

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