Fiction Concepts Eid-ul-Azha Dresses 2012 for Women

Posted on Oct 23 2012 - 8:48pm by Asma

Recently, Fiction Concepts released its eid-ul-Azha dresses for ladies. Fiction Concepts eid-ul-Azha dresses 2012 for women include casual and light party wear outfits. You will also find some nice saris in the collection. Apart from the saris, Fiction Concepts eid-ul-Azha dresses 2-12 have unique embroidered motifs on the shirts. They are nothing like the previous Fiction Concepts 2012 dresses. The fabrics used in this collection by Fiction Concepts are silk and voile. However, the saris are made of chiffon. As the Fiction Concepts eid-ul-Azha dresses 2012 collection have something for everyone, we are sure that no eid shopper will leave the store of Fiction Concept empty handed.

Fiction Concepts was formed about year ago by Rabia Wahab. The designer has specialized in print and textile design from a renowned art school. The brand, Fiction Concepts is owned by Fiction Clothing, which is an old clothing brand of Pakistan. Fiction is known in Pakistan for its casual wear and western wear outfits. Fiction Concepts provides ready-to-wear dresses for women only and marks Fiction Clothing’s entry into the women wear segment. It offers stylish dresses that are blend of eastern and western wear. It released only two collections earlier including its debut line and its eid dresses. The brand currently offers its outfits through its store that is located in Karachi.

Fiction Concepts eid-ul-Azha dresses 2012 for women can be seen below. The photo shoot for Fiction Concepts eid-ul-Azha dresses 2012 has been done by Amean J. The model is Nadia Baloch. Makeup has been done by Tariq Amin’s Salon. If you want to learn more about Fiction or its dresses, go to its Facebook fan page. For those who have not yet bought their eid outfits, Fiction Concepts should be the first place to go. They will certainly find something suitable there.

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Fiction Concepts Eid-ul-Azha Dresses 2012 for Women

Fiction Concepts Eid ul Azha Dresses 2012 for Women 001 pakistani dresses

Source: Fiction Concepts

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