Easy Home-Made Tips For Facial Hairs

Hair on face looks very bad even when we bleached them they looks moreEasy Home-Made Tips For Facial Hairs


bad because of its golden color so its better to have a treatment of hairs.Here we a sharing some Home-made tips for Facial hair hope so these will help your alot.

  • Do a Hot wax after every 15 days. It will week your hair roots.
  • Take at least 6 to 8 session of blue peel or oxygen therapy.
  • Take a mud, Tree gum), medicated ubtan and rose water. Mix it it will become a paste. Apply it for half an hour and wash it with medicated rose water.


  • Take a handful of moisturizing milk or lotion and mix with it a pea-sized vitamin A cream, Make a nice paste and apply it when you go to bed and risen it off in the morning. Use it for 30 days. this treatment is for whole body as well.


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