Desi Beads Summer Dresses 2014 For Men

Posted on May 9 2014 - 7:45pm by Hira

Here we have the newly highlighted collection of Desi Beads summer dresses 2014 for men! Desi Beads is one of the newly emerging fashion houses in Pakistan. Just few couple of months back this brand has made its own best place in the market area. Desi Beads is all run by two passionate and talented designers named as Zobia Younus and Hiba Manzoor. They have always appeared with something new and fresh in their clothing collections. They mainly deals with both men and women based collections that are presented inside the categories of either casual wear or the seasonal ones.

Desi Beads Summer Dresses 2014 For Men

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Now we will be talking about their freshly appeared collection of summer dresses 2014 for men. In this collection they are presenting with the outfits that have been set for men and most importantly for the summer season. By the way of this summer collection by Desi Beads is all putting together kurtas that are set with shalwar and jeans plus shirts as well. Shirts are simple in stitching and styling. On kurtas you can find the little embroidery that is placed on top of the neckline, sleeves and cufflinks as well.

Desi Beads Summer Dresses 2014 For Boys

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As regard the colors have been mentioned then it is all surrounded with the darker color blends. You can avail out this collection best for the casual functions, Jumma Mubarak and family dinners. All the outfits are amazing and trendier designed out for the men. Now by the end we are sharing some of the pictures of Desi Beads summer dresses collection. The collection shoot is covering the model Muhammad Ali Khan Baloch and photography has been all done by Dayan Broh. You can even know much more details about Desi Beads and their collections by visiting Desi Beads contact number and email address:
Email: [email protected]
Contact number: 03332666690

Few Pictures Of Desi Beads Summer Dresses 2014 For Men

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