Dawood Gold Classic Lawn 2013 for Women

Posted on Mar 10 2013 - 9:43pm by Asma

Dawood Gold classic lawn 2013 for women was revealed along with Dawood lawn 2013 embroidered designer collection and Dawood Zamzam lawn 2013. Dawood Gold classic lawn 2013 includes a wide variety of designs, each in 2-3 color variations. Shirt, shalwar and dupatta are included in each suit of this lawn collection. The nice color combinations and fantastic designs make the suits quite attractive. All the suits are printed and are quite affordable. They are great for making casual wear dresses that you can wear at home or to college or work. So, do check out Dawood Gold classic lawn 2013 for these marvelous dresses.

Dawood lawns was initiated a few years back by Dawood Textiles. It was formed by Dawood Textiles to further promote its operations. Dawood Textiles is one of the old textile mills of Pakistan. It has been around for the last several decades. Now, its brand, Dawood Lawns, is quite famous all over Pakistan for its wide range of designs. Every year, it releases quite a few collections, each with many different designs. Simple printed fabric collections and premium collections both are released by Dawood Lawns. However, the prices are always quite reasonable. That is why so many people go for the fabrics of Dawood Lawns. Its fabrics are sold through many different fabric shops of Pakistan.

Dawood Gold classic lawn 2013 for women can be seen below. There are pictures of a few of the stylish dresses of Dawood Gold classic lawn 2013. For viewing more designs and color options, go to the Facebook fan page of Dawood Lawns. The address is given here. The collection will be available in the market soon. For more information and updates on this collection and other collections of Dawood, you can visit the Facebook fan page of Dawood Gold.

Dawood Lawns Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/dawoodlawn

Dawood Gold Classic Lawn 2013 for Women

1x1.trans pakistani dresses

Source: Dawood Lawns

1x1.trans pakistani dresses
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