Common Myths about Getting Slim with Green Tea

In this post we will discuss myths about getting slim with green tea. As we know that green tea is getting very popular in Asia. It won’t possible for person to ignore numerous benefits and advantages of green tea. According to recent research that regular green tea is very useful for reducing the risks of heart disease and different types of cancer.



 Now we would like to discuss common myths about getting slim with green tea. It’s a common myth that drinking one cup of green tea daily helps the person to get slim. But this misconception is totally wrong. If person wants to get slim and fit body then it is very important that person should perform exercise regularly at least for 15-20 minutes. Along with this daily routine, person should take two cups of green tea in order to ensure best health and fitness. Moreover, if person has overweight, then he/she should reduce 500 calories from his/her daily nutrition. We hope that every person completely understand these myths about getting slim with green tea.


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