Bridal Wear Dresses 2014 by Ramira

Bridal wear dresses 2014 by Ramira were revealed recently through a photo shoot. These bridal wear dresses are the first bridal wear clothes to be released by the brand in a long time. The clothes are quite different from Ramira collection 2013 released before this.

Bridal Wear Dresses 2014 by Ramira

A few nice designs for bridal wear have been included in the collection. These designs include Walima dresses and engagement dresses for girls mostly. Red bridal wear clothes are not there. Instead of that, peach and purple as well as green lehengas are there in the collection of bridal wear dresses. So, if you want valima bridal wear or engagement dresses, check out bridal wear 2014 by Ramira.

Ramira has been in the fashion industry since 2009. It has brought to Pakistan, a refined take on fashion. It presents clothes with a blend of global fashion and our South Asian heritage. Casual wear, luxury prêt, formal wear and customized bridal wear are provided by Ramira. The clothes are great for the lifestyle of fashion forward women. These clothes are liked by women in Pakistan as well as in other countries. The ready to wear clothes of Ramira are available at different multi-brand stores. Also, email and phone can be used for contacting the people behind Ramira.

You can see the pictures of the beautiful bridal wear dresses 2014 by Ramira below. If you want more information on bridal wear by Ramira, just contact the people of the brand via the phone number provided on the Facebook page of Ramira. For other stylish dresses by Ramira, go to any of the places mentioned on the Facebook page. The address of Ramira’s Facebook page is provided here. You should see the pictures first. As stated earlier, bridal wear dresses 2014 by Ramira.

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Bridal Wear Dresses 2014 by Ramira007

Ramira Bridal Wear Dresses 2014

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