BLV Aqua Perfumes For Men

Perfume is one of the luxury which men can enjoy despite the fact that it falls under the category of makeup and beauty products. Also, perfumes can really define your personality. You have to agree you would prefer a person who smells good than to a person who does not. By “Does Not” i definitely don’t mean that he stinks what i mean is the natural fragrance or no fragrance at all. Perfumes adds a charm to your personality, you might never look back at someone but if he happens to have an excellent choice in perfumes and you get the chance to bypass him, i promise you will look at-least once. Today we will be talking about one of the leading brands in the perfume World, and i am sure most of us are familiar with these outstanding company for perfumes i.e. Bvlgari. We will focus on one  of their most sold out and famous perfume for men. BLV Aqua  Perfumes For Men is considered to be among the leading perfumes which are out there in the market for men. We will tell you about BLV Aqua Perfume For Men’s fragrance, concise history and updated price.

BLV Aqua Perfumes For Men

BLV aqua clone for men

BLV Aqua Perfumes For Men is known for its masculine touch to the fragrance. And the best part is that this masculine scent is balanced with a  citrusy, fruity tone. It is said that BLV Aqua  Perfume For Men is perfect for a man’s man who not only has an appreciation for subtlety but also likes complex tones and contemporary style.  It is said that BLV Aqua  Perfume For Men has a casual smell, and this causality is one of the major reason behind it success. BLV Aqua  Perfume For Men was launched in market in the year 2005. And since then it is considered as one of the leading perfume for men. BLV has a sexy, mature character punctuated by notes of amber, santolina, petit grain, posidonia and mandarin.

BLV Aqua Perfume For Men is considered to be for people who are sophisticated and modern. It is said to be the best choice for a man of above qualities. A derivation of aqua is Aqua Marine Cologne by Bvlgari. Another derivation of BLV Aqua Perfume For Men is bvlgari’s Aqua  pour home. Though this one is of limited edition and is  is distinguished by a new luminous color, inspired by the iridescent reflections of water . It contains notes of mandarin, petit grain, santolina, posidonia, mineral amber. Its fresh, elegant and masculine.

And its price is just $ 39.

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