Alkaram Spring Dresses 2014 Volume 2

Alkaram spring dresses 2014 volume 2 have been unveiled. Pictures of this new fabulous collection by Al-Karam after Alkaram spring dresses 2014 were revealed online just a while ago. This collection has a few new designs to offer.

Alkaram Spring Dresses 2014

Spring dresses by Alkaram are made of lawn. There are only a few designs in the collection. They are much fewer than the clothes in the previous collection of Alkaram spring dresses 2014. However, all of them have unique embroidered designs. You can see embroidery on the shirt front and on the border of each of the dresses. Apart from that, each dress has a chiffon dupatta, extra sleeves and trousers to offer to women. So, check out these nice Alkaram spring dresses 2014 volume 2.

Alkaram is one of the foremost textile companies in our country. It is not only known in our country but abroad as well. The company was formed several decades back and over the years, it has gained lots of experience. It now offers a wide range of dresses for women and for men. It provides ready to wear and loose fabrics for ladies. Alkaram now offers its dresses via its online store and physical stores. Its fabrics are sold via fabric shops in addition to these places.

Alkaram spring dresses 2014 volume 2 can be viewed over here. Alkaram spring dresses are now being offered through online orders and through physical shops. So, if you want to get information about this collection or any other collection of Alkaram, go to the Facebook page of Alkaram studio. The address is provided over here. You should first have a look at the clothes’ pictures for this collection. The description of each dress is there on its picture. So, have a look at Alkaram spring dresses 2014 volume 2.

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Alkaram Spring Dresses 2014 Volume 2


Alkaram Spring Dresses Volume 2 2014

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