A New Obesity Study from a health perspective


Obesity has been one of the most growing dangerous issues in America. We now see many people saying, “I am an obese and I cannot do anything about because medications are not really working for me.” This is the reasons there are many studies under procedure in order to reduce obesity. FDA has proved three new medications under a new obesity study. Why there is a need of medications to lose weight? FDA has answered this question clearly according to new obesity study. The reason for that are diets and exercise sometimes is not enough to reduce weight. Not all people are obese because of eating. They are obese because of some mental disorder or few may have inherited it. To reduce all these complications, medications are used as they work through your brain.

A New Obesity Study from a health perspective


New obesity study has now two medications, which are approved by FDA. They are Qnexa and Lorcaserin. Lorcaserin is a new medication that has been approved and will be seen in the prescription of an obesity patient in a year or two. According to new obesity study, these are very effective and work faster than the medications that were first approved by FDA in last five years.


New obesity study has also disapproved many other medications that were once used to control obesity. You need to loss weight with natural methods as well. For example Belviq cannot be used during pregnancy. The reason for this is that when it is taken with some other medicines, they do cause some kind of serious reaction. Moreover, normal people may have a dry mouth; face a serious constipation problem, a serious headache and will feel sick and tired all the time. Belviq also affects the memory of your brain. FDA has also disapproved fenfluramine under new obesity study as it causes serious heart problem. The use of this medication after a specific period of time can give you a heart attack or may affect the functioning of your health.

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